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MossFusion – Unique Architectural Ornamentation

preserved moss wall art

Transform your home or business environment with preserved moss wall art.

Architectural ornaments are any embellishments to an otherwise solely structural form, usually for decorative purposes. Usually, when one thinks of an architectural ornament, one thinks of crown molding or bas relief. The term, however, applies to any addition that provides interest or beauty to the structure to which it is attached.

Moss wall art adds both interest and beauty to a wall. In addition, it provides depth and resonates with nature, and imparts a peaceful, natural environment.

New Construction

A perfect time to consider preserved wall art is in the planning stages of a new house, office, or commercial building. If the architect is aware of your intention to include a moss wall art piece, say an entire moss art nature wall, it can be worked in as an essential design element of the structure. It may influence window placement or other preconstruction designs.

Consider that the initial stages of planning a construction project must include a theme or "feeling" wanted from the structure. Is it ultra-modern with glass and steel? Or perhaps a "country rustic" ambiance? You can understand how an architectural ornament contributes to the overall "vibe" of the structure.

The beauty of including preserved moss wall art in the initial planning is that anything is possible. You can choose from the many design ideas available to review on our website or create your own unique idea by collaborating with the MossFusion artists here.

Existing Spaces

When considering moss wall art decor for an existing space, the good news is that between the beautiful pieces seen on MossFusion and your imagination, there are many options from which you can transform any room into however you can imagine it to be.

The variation of colors in the spectrum of Moss allows a variety of contrasts that define any image, religious symbol, geometric design, or text to be depicted.

Say, for example, the style in the room is modern. 3-D cubes or one of MossFusion's hexagon moss art pieces would tie the room together. If an oriental or east Asian flavor is already established, then a "Tree of Life" moss wall art design or a yin/yang symbol set in light and dark green would be a crowning architectural ornament. A sports-themed moss art wall hanging would command a game room, den, living room, or even a hallway or bath.


Have you ever been stumped as to what to give someone who has everything? Unique moss wall art is a thoughtful and unique gift for almost any occasion. Because the design can be personalized, it shows the consideration, planning, and time and effort put into the present.

Gifting a personalized architectural ornament for a housewarming, baby shower, Christmas, or any reason would be an outstanding and memorable gesture.

Optimize Your Space Today

MossFusion has created beautiful moss wall art and other creations for businesses like McDonald’s, L'Oréal, and Kohler. It provides tranquility and peaceful contentment, like a walk in the woods on a summer's day. Browse the creative genius, discuss your project ideas, and/or shop today at