indoor moss wall art - Mossfusion

MossFusion: A Piece of Outdoor Tranquility for Indoors

indoor moss wall art - Mossfusion

The serenity you experience from a stroll through Nature can be yours with preserved moss wall art from MossFusion. Imagine the calming effect of natural moss that has been dried, preserved, and then arranged into beautiful works of art for your home or office. Every centerpiece, wall art, and panel is unique.   

 The species of moss used in our moss wall art decor and other moss creations include:   

  • Reindeer Moss comprises the bulk of the decorative moss. Soft and spongy, Reindeer moss provides the background for most artworks. It comes in over 40 different colors making it the most versatile.  
  • Mood Moss only comes in bright emerald green; however, its fingerlike projections are firm and lend texture and as well as color.  
  • Pillow Moss provides a luxuriant appearance and is available in a bright and lime green.  
  • Pole Moss comes in three shades of green. It is used to cover larger areas.  
  • Sheet Moss gets its name because it grows in sheets. This moss is flat and used to contrast the other textures of mosses used.  
  • Spanish Moss is abundant and inexpensive. It is primarily used for filler.  
  • Mountain Moss is another flat species. It is woven into a mat for more extensive coverage areas and provides contrast in depth and color with other mosses.   
  • Forest Moss is stingy in appearance. The fresh green color and texture are particularly effective when seen from a distance. Its use in larger business logo displays is common.  

The Science

Many scientific studies have concluded that the colors we perceive in life have a direct correlation with our mood. The color green has long been associated with health, purity, and rebirth. The verdant color is mentally linked to spring and summer. It has been described as "tranquil and refreshing." Preserved moss wall art, moss centerpieces, and panels can provide the same peaceful feeling as the greenery of a walk outside.   

What Are the Possibilities?   

Create your own

Any idea or design you can think of can become a reality with our custom moss wall art. The artists at MossFusion encourage collaborative projects. However, there are many stock compositions in the company's portfolio to choose from.  

MossFusion Designs

Currently, there are 14 preserved fusion moss art selections on our website. The creative artists are continually adding new creations to peruse. A few of the designs currently offered include:   

In addition to the preserved moss wall art, there are several other ways to enjoy the serenity of Nature inside your home or business space.   


Preserved moss wall art can come in panels. Much larger than the moss wall art and unframed, the moss wall panels can accentuate a wall space and the entire room. Used singularly or in tandem, these distinctive statement pieces are also available in various shapes and sizes. A larger design can be displayed across several panels hanging alongside each other.   

Some innovative panel concepts include sound-dampening moss art panels, an ecosystem moss art panel, and an entire moss wall. A preserved moss wall art panel will make a statement and express your unique personality.  


One of the most innovative products from MossFusion is the centerpieces. Either matched to compliment a preserved moss wall art or to stand alone, these original decorative additions to décor have several benefits.

Despite looking like live arrangements, they maintain their vibrant appearance with only occasional dusting and last forever.   

Artificial Boxwood Planters

Just as a border or small outdoor planter can outline and define, the concept can apply inside with artificial boxwood planters. Especially useful in commercial spaces, they transform an otherwise cold, impersonal space with a verdant lifelike environment.   

Create Your Space

MossFusion has created branded custom moss wall art for businesses like McDonald’s, L'Oréal, and Kohler. It provides tranquility and peaceful contentment, like a walk in the woods on a summer's day. 

Browse the creative genius, discuss your custom project ideas, or shop today online at The user-friendly chatbot provides instant access to a live person to answer your questions and help you design and plan your project. So, visit MossFusion today and start planning your novel moss table centerpiece or distinctive moss wall art.