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Moss Wall Art: Bringing Nature's Artwork Indoors

Have you ever had to come up with an original gift for someone who has everything? How about displaying Christmas or Hanukkah decorations different from those anyone has? Decorations that generations can enjoy. Imagination is the only limiting factor in possibilities. Moss wall art brings the beauty of nature inside your home or commercial space. It beautifies the interior of virtually any space creating a calming and happy vibe.

Moss art is a relatively new art form using dried organic preserved moss. Moss varieties come in various colors and textures. The artistic possibilities are truly endless, utilizing the interplay between textures and tones. Moss wall art is a very present-day concept with current global interest in the environment's future.

Moss wall art gives a designer a vehicle to provide a "two-punch" impression. Firstly, is the connection to the bountiful nature. Secondly, the artwork displayed is a personal reflection of who you are.

Moss wall art can also be utilized to create a religious or spiritual symbol (i.e., dove, cross, yin/yang, or Star of David). To complement a modern style, repeating geometric patterns, hexagon panels, or even a maze wall piece are a few possibilities. You can provide a favorite character or positive saying in a peaceful, calming moss wall art embellishment in the bay's or child's room.

Commercial Spaces

Custom moss wall art offers many benefits to all commercial spaces. A personalized welcome sign in contrasting colors and textures immediately sets your office space apart as a warm, caring, supportive environment.

Employees also benefit from positive visual stimuli, producing increased job productivity, increased job satisfaction which in return results in less employee turnover, and fewer "sick days", which have been noted in workers exposed to a" greener" work environment.

Furthermore, it has been shown that the color green, "evokes a feeling of hopefulness, responsibility, wealth, forgiveness, comfort, and increased energy." These emotions are conducive to favorable interactions and optimal outcomes in the workplace.

Many Adaptations

Soon moss wall art may be a common sight in many homes worldwide. The options are endless, displays range from solo artwork to entire walls depicting natural settings.

Decorative moss art is not just carefree plant walls, panels, and centerpieces for your home or office. This original decor, made from natural, preserved moss, creates a state of vibrant yet peaceful, productive, and positive atmosphere. Invite the beauty of nature indoors and create your masterpiece today.

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