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From Mother Nature Comes Moss Art

Dried and preserved moss art is quickly becoming a popular opportunity to express a natural aspect of the space it adorns. Many applications include carefree plant walls, panels, and centerpieces for home or office decor made from natural, preserved moss. The possibilities in design and utilization are limited only by available space and imagination.

Dried Moss?

Dried moss art is a form of artistic expression that uses dried moss to create unique and visually appealing artworks. This medium has gained popularity in interior design and home decor for its natural and organic aesthetic. The moss is collected, dried, and preserved from nature to maintain its texture, color, and form. Commonly used moss species include reindeer moss, sheet moss, and pole moss.

Artistic Applications

Dried moss can be applied to various surfaces to create three-dimensional artwork. Artists and designers often use moss to craft intricate patterns, landscapes, or even abstract designs. Frequently used in interior decor to bring a touch of nature into indoor spaces, hanging moss panels, wall installations, and framed moss art are popular choices for adding a unique and visually striking accent to homes and offices.

Dried moss can be shaped and arranged in various ways, allowing for an abundant degree of creativity and customization in art and design projects. It can be combined with other materials, such as wood, metal, or glass, to create mixed-media artworks.

Environmental Benefits

Dried moss wall panels offer several environmental benefits, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for interior decor. Here are some key ecological advantages:


Natural moss is a natural material that designers can source responsibly. The sustainability of dried moss art hinges on responsible moss harvesting, eco-friendly preservation methods, and the longevity of the art piece.

Sustainable practices in moss harvesting involve ensuring that collection doesn't deplete natural populations or disrupt ecosystems. Additionally, using alternative materials or regenerative harvesting methods can contribute to sustainability.

Preservation methods also play a crucial role. Some mosses are treated with chemicals that may not conform with sustainability goals. Opting for natural, non-toxic preservation methods can enhance the eco-friendliness and attraction of dried moss wall art.

2.Air Quality

Moss has natural air-purifying properties. It absorbs pollutants and toxins from the air, contributing to improved indoor air quality. This can have positive effects on the health and well-being of individuals in breathable areas.

3.Minimizes Inhaled Carbon Dioxide

Mosses are efficient at removing carbon dioxide from the air. Incorporating hanging moss panels into indoor spaces promotes a natural process that helps offset carbon emissions.

4.Insulating Properties

A hanging moss panel can contribute to better thermal regulation in a room. This natural insulation can help reduce the need for excessive heating or cooling. Over time, the insulating effect leads to lower energy consumption, a smaller carbon footprint, and, consequently, a smaller energy bill.

5.Sustainable Sourcing

With a focus on responsible harvesting practices, many dried moss products are sourced sustainably. This ensures that the moss is collected to minimize environmental impact and support the long-term health of moss ecosystems.

6.Waste Reduction

The repurposing of natural materials reduces waste and promotes a more circular approach to design. Moss wall panels utilize moss that has been preserved, extending its lifespan as decorative artwork.


A connection with nature has been shown to enhance well-being and productivity.

The use of dried moss in interior spaces aligns with eco-friendly design principles, which seek to incorporate natural elements into the built environment.

8.Low Maintenance

Dried moss requires minimal (or no) maintenance compared to living plants. It doesn't need watering, reducing water consumption associated with traditional plant-based décor and the associated potential mess from soil and plant debris.


The versatility of dried moss allows for creative and personalized designs. This flexibility encourages designers and creative homeowners to choose sustainable materials for their stunning décor qualities while contributing to a more environmentally conscious approach to interior design.

On a larger scale, an entire wall can be transformed into a garden or forest scene. Imagine being able to enjoy a refreshing outdoor experience, no matter if it's rain or sunshine. On a smaller scale, create a coordinating, carefree dried moss centerpiece to tie together the interior design. The possibilities are endless.

Therapeutic Applications

While a moss wall panel would enhance every home, there are some environments where moss art provides a therapeutic surrounding. One example would be the patient waiting room or any office with potentially anxious clientele. A moss art panel décor in any space produces a calming effect; however, the effect may be more pronounced for anyone with anxiety; thus custom moss wall art may be considered adjunctive therapy for many people in many situations.

Think Green and Optimize Your Space with a Living Moss Wall Art

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