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MossFusion Art Sets the Mood for Your Home or Office

Keeping Calm

The creative genius behind MossFusion Artworks can provide the ideal ambiance in any space. First impressions are essential, but the energy that moss art can bring to a workplace or commerce area goes beyond. Employees and guests are equally affected by the serene tranquility of nature's beauty. The color green is not a primary color. In the light spectrum, it sits between yellow and red. Mixing the primary colors of yellow, and blue creates the secondary color green. There have been scientific investigations into the effects of color on human psychology and physiology.

The Science

Some interesting findings were discovered in a study reported by the National Institute of Health. The study looked at the physiologic effects (heart rate and blood pressure) and psychological effects of the color green and red under different conditions. Three groups were on a treadmill, either walking at a comfortable pace chosen individually or jogging. The color green, red, or white (neutral) was displayed in 3D for the timed duration of the activity. The participant's vital signs were monitored throughout the trial. Interviews were conducted immediately afterward.

The group that was walking when exposed to green were found to have their pulse and blood pressure lowered from baseline. Contrarily, when exposed to the color red while walking, both vital signs went up. In addition, the group reported a happy, calm feeling while walking in green, as if they could walk forever.

What Is MossFusion Art?

Our moss wall art is a creative expression using naturally occurring mosses. The moss is no longer living and has been preserved before its use in the meticulously hand-crafted artwork. Like any piece of fine art, there is little maintenance. Moss art does not need to be sprayed, watered, trimmed, or require further attention other than routine dusting.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of this unique medium is the depth. Unlike acrylic or oil paintings, MossFusion art is multi-dimensional. There is a phenomenon called pareidolia, where the brain sees images in random patterns. Each piece of MossFusion art appears differently to each viewer. Some people can see different things by viewing the same work at another time. MossFusion art is fluid and completely unique.

What Feelings Do You Want to Invoke in Your Space?

When considering what to display on a wall space, try to imagine the effect you hope the display will impart to its viewers. Another consideration is whether the decoration will be primarily private inside your home, in a business, or more formal location. In either case, MossFusion has innovative designs.

In general, two populations of people are influenced by the surrounding area in a commercial space or office. One is random guests visiting the room for a limited time and the other are employees that are exposed regularly, if not daily.

The obvious choice concerning reception and waiting areas would be a calming and relaxing environment. And a display that made employees feel "a happy, calm feeling (while walking in green) as if they could walk forever" is a win-win. So now that it's decided green is the best color, how can MossFusion make it a reality?

Many Shapes and Forms

If you can imagine it, the skilled artists at MossFusion can make it come true. A place to start is by seeing their stock specials. Once you see the various applications of moss wall art, your creativity will kick in. The professionals at MossFusion enjoy collaborations on creating projects.

Whether it’s utilized for work, home or a design project, moss wall decor has become a visionary staple.For further information or to request an estimate please contact the experts at MossFusion here and to peruse and learn more please visit www.MossFusion.com