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A Modern Twist on Nature

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Moss Art

The unique moss wall art panels and moss table centerpieces for home or office décor from MossFusion will set your personal or business space apart. Made from natural moss that has been preserved, each hand-crafted piece will be the focal point in any area. In addition, the three-dimensional carefree displays set the mood for the space it enhances.

Moss table décor complimenting an original moss wall hanging creates an ambiance. The tone of the atmosphere is up to you. Moss table centerpieces and wall art can be traditional, spiritual, or modern. How do you want to show yourself to the world?

Bring Your Imagination to Life

If you can visualize it, the artists at MossFusion can create it. Using hand-selected preserved moss in complementary colors and Amaranthus (an ornamental and medicinal flowering plant), your idea comes to life.

Your inspiration can make geometric moss wall decor, a personalized monogrammed moss table centerpiece, modern wall hangings, spiritual designs, moss table décor, or an entire statement piece whole wall of nature. It can become a reality if you can imagine it in your home or commercial place.

Inspired by Geometry

A display of nature conforming to geometric shapes is a popular design option for moss wall art and moss table décor. Elongated hexagons, either singly or in combination, present a dramatic and professional presentation to any wall surface.

One of the innovative uses for this distinctive art form is creating a spiritual focus in your surroundings. The Flower of Life wall art is a signature MossFusion design. It is a perfect circle of green with a Zen-like geometric design in contrasting dark. The pattern invokes feelings of peace and relaxation.

Accompanying the wall art, add the same or complementary design as a moss table centerpiece. The calming visual moss table décor reinforces the tranquility the wall art provides.

Poetry of Nature

A statement piece for any home or business is an entire wall revealing a pastoral scene. This concept is the chance to stand out from the crowd. The serenity that pervades the space with a MossFusion moss wall creation is undeniable.


The artists at MossFusion are very conscious of environmental conservation. Therefore, the materials used are from sustainable sources. The woods used vary depending on the project; however, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Maple, and Pine are the primary woods used.

The foam used in some projects is resistant to insects, mold, and moisture. It is recyclable and lightweight. In addition, it provides noise absorption. Nearly all materials utilized are biodegradable.

Create Your Space

Home and office decor are statements of the resident's personalities. MossFusion has the exact presentation to fit your charisma. However, you like to project yourself or your enterprise, there is a moss artwork to meet your needs.

Browse the creative genius, discuss your project ideas, or shop today online at www.MossFusion.com. The user-friendly chatbot provides instant access to a live person to answer your questions and help you design and plan your project. So, visit MossFusion today and start planning your novel moss table centerpiece or distinctive custom moss wall art. For custom projects, please fill out our form here to receive a free quote.