MossFusion was started with the idea to easily and artistically bring the beauty of mother nature to any indoor space. Living in the hot and dry desert climate of Las Vegas, we wanted to liven up our space with lush plants and flora without the hassles and maintenance of traditional indoor gardening.
The two-man team, George Marquez and James Frommer, create all their pieces by hand allowing every piece to be unique and custom with special attention to detail. Every order is hand-crafted, designed and put-together by the two of us. 
About our Moss: The moss we use in our products come from 100% sustainably sources. It is non-toxic.
About our Wood: We use premium Kiln-Dried woods for our frames and backing. Depending on the piece, we may use different premium woods such as Maple, Redwood, Pine or Douglas Fir. 
About our other Materials: The foam we use is lightweight and recyclable. It is resistant to moisture, insects and mold. It also provides sound absorption to reduce wall-penetrating noise. Almost all other materials we use are recyclable.


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